If you forget to take out your flagpole when you sail under a bridge that is too low.

clickable mast holder

Nice sunny day

Enjoy sailing in your tender or longboat with a few men on board. Someone warns you “just head down because there is a low bridge coming”.

And then you forget to remove the slightly too high flag from its holder. Damage to your longboat or tender is then considerable.

clickable mast holder

Significant damage!!

Depending on the type of longboat or tender, this damage is between 950 euros and 3500 euros. Lost a lot of money, longboat permanently damaged and a nice day at sea with friends falls into the water….

Thanks to a Dutch invention, the CliklnClikOut mast holder, you can prevent this damage.

Top Quality

This clickable mast holder consists of 2 parts. The fixed part that is mounted in your longboat or tender is made of high-quality stainless steel.

The removable flagpole holder is made of high-quality aluminum and the removable part undergoes a special treatment to make it resistant to the influences of fresh, brackish and salt water.

So smooth and carefree sailing without unnecessary damage to your beautiful sloop or tender is done with this clickable mast holder.

Interested and ordering ?

The mast holder is in stock and therefore available to you within a few days after your order. For larger numbers or to place your order, please contact or use our contactform.

The clickable mast holder is a patent product.